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My husband is very into colors and loves places that are aesthetically pleasing, which is why we went to this particular place. The garden looked exactly like he described to me — leaves on the ground, fairytale like scenery.

This outfit was completely fall inspired. I paired the dress with some black sock boots from Primark and a wine red bucket bag from Zara to go with it.

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The dress is full of flowers in different colors, but has some small wine red detail, which I thought would look great with the bucket bag, so it could pop out more. I happened to buy this particular Zara bag last year as well when it was on sale.


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I was on a lookout for an inexpensive bag that had some color, so when I spotted this one I knew it would be a good staple in my closet. It does stand out and works great whenever you want to give your outfit a little kick or if you want something in your outfit to stand out, like my example with the leaves.

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    Fall Vibes

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