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However, my experience at Lunch Actually changed the way I looked at the art of matchmaking. From someone who used to think that matchmaking was only for the desperate singles, I would not mind being matchmade again, especially by the dating professionals at Lunch Actually. My first and immediate concern was simple.

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According to Lunch Actually, which has been in business for 13 years, the answer is a resounding yes. My own friend and her significant other, both in their early 30s, are likely to be one of those couples mentioned by Ms Tan. After only a year of knowing each other, they have already applied for a Build-To-Order flat together. After learning about the stories of some of their success couples, I felt even more excited about my upcoming matchmade date.

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While no guarantees are offered because they are not a marriage agency, and I do understand that , having Lunch Actually take over the sometimes-tedious effort of trying to find my Mr Right was reassuring for my love life. So, how exactly does Lunch Actually help so many singles find their happily ever after? Well, I've learned that:.

This initial consultation is complimentary for all singles, and acts as an ice-breaking session with your very own trained dating consultant. My dating consultant was Ms Tan herself. Apart from details like my education level and religion, I was also asked about my hobbies, what I thought were my key character traits, and my preferences for a dating partner. I have to admit, that for someone as reserved as I am, I felt quite uncomfortable sharing such intimate information with a complete stranger.


Still, the privacy of the consultation room with just the two of us, combined with Ms Tan's casual and cordial disposition, encouraged me to be more forthcoming with the details. At Lunch Actually, there is a compulsory screening session for everyone who wish to join as a member. The exclusive dating company only accepts people it can find matches for, based on the singles' personality and preferences. This is when we guide them towards Lunch Actually Academy, our coaching academy which can help prepare you for a relationship. This stringent quality-over-quantity approach seems to work well for Lunch Actually.

They boast a high match accuracy, with at least 85 per cent of their clients rating their dates as either satisfactory or excellent.

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After my consultation, I had to complete a long questionnaire online. It contained both open and close-ended questions, asking me about my health history to my favourite kind of vacation. I felt like I was building the man of my dreams, ala in life simulation game The Sims. I could choose my preferred partner's build, hair colour, character style sophisticated, casual, sporty, etc and so on.

Next,I had to write about my past relationships, dwelling into details such as how I met my exes, why we broke up, and what I liked and disliked about the men in my past. It took me 45 minutes to complete the questionnaire, and honestly, it was a self-discovery process as well. I had never given this aspect of my life that much serious thought before, and I felt like I could look at my love life with fresh perspective.

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Lunch Actually has over 5, clients in Singapore, each complete with their own comprehensive profile on in the dating company's database. Taking their clients' preferences seriously, it is an exhaustive search to find a match where both singles ticked each other's preferences. I was briefed about my mystery man by dating consultant Dhaniah Raheem in a short phone call. She summarised his attributes, hobbies, and also gave a rough description of his job without going into specifics. Ms Raheem also highlighted the things I had in common with the man I was going to meet, and suggested them as possible topics to talk about during our first date.

While I agreed to meet this mystery man because his profile sounded interesting, Lunch Actually does allow their clients to reject the match, if the client does not like the sound of the match. There is a maximum number of rejections, though. Singles can only reject half the dates they have in their dating package, so wield those rejections wisely.

The power is in your hands! Lunch Actually, available online.

Instagram addicts will love Lovoo. Fancy someone you bumped into on the street?

Getting professional romantic help.

The free online site uses algorithms and formulas to match you up with a prospective partner. So pop your profile in and let cupid work his magic! And what better way to click with someone than to find out the things you have in common — like the things you hate! Matches are based on the number of things you dislike. You might be familiar with Meetup. Mingle in groups for locals, expats, young adults, single parents… you name it. Disheartened by being catfished by duds on other dating apps?

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The team behind Lunch Actually brings you a dating app that promises to match you with quality finds. FYI, the Singapore government is concerned about your love life too. And no, this is not just for locals; everyone is welcome.


The SDN was set up to encourage social interaction among singles, with activities like trips to neighbouring islands, dinners, and even a journey through a VR escape room! Social Development Network, events list available online. Simply for those who enjoy the finer things in life… or looking to escape student debt!